Learning is free, but you’re busy with Facebook

Not everyone gets the chance to go to school, especially to the university. This should not be used, though, as an excuse to stop yourself from being educated.

Schooling is very important, yes. I can’t emphasize that any further as a former teacher myself. But if at the moment you can’t afford it, don’t allow your learning and growth to stop. 

With the advancement of technology in this era, everything could be googled. And when we say everything, it means skills, knowledge, rules, and so on. 
You can educate yourself.

You can step up your skills and broaden your knowledge. You can learn a lot! You just have to take advantage of this modern technology and make full use of the internet to your benefit. 

It just takes determination and dedication, plus discipline to get there. 

Now why am I saying all these? Because I envy you. You have a lot of time. 
You have a lot of time to read. To watch how-to videos, programming tutorials, youtube videos of Rachel’s English and a lot more. 

You have time to study basic English grammar, listening skills, take the IELTS Mock Exam, learn a new language in Memrise.com, and practice coding in codecademy.com.

Learning is out there free, right in our fingertips. I wish I have as much time as you do to gain all these knowledge and skillset. 

You do. You have time and the resources. Just cut down your time browsing other people’s #goals in FB and start making and achieving your own.

If you can’t afford school right now, again, let me reiterate–you can still be educated. 

Learning is free, but… read the title again. šŸ˜‰



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