Random Walk Home

This week I was able to catch up the early morning sun after work. It was six am, Wednesday. The cold January breeze setting in as I paced the streets of the old Ortigas road.

It felt so good.

While everyone around me was rushing on their way to work, I was there, so relaxed and felt refreshed. I wished I always get a chance to so this every morning.

Ultra (Phil Sports Arena) was closed to the public at that hour, so I made a quick turn to Capitol Commons Park.

I rushed a bit to capture the just peeking sun.

As soon as I got at the park, I felt like I was in a different place.


The sky was so beautiful. The wind so cold I want to breathe it in.

I sat at the bench and watched the sky and the people.

This place is surrounded by the busiest roads. It’s an oasis to find a place like this. It’s an escape for me.


Maybe next time, I’ll go try the seeing the dawn. One of my favorite places now.


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